Gold Coast Tweed Camper & Caravan Hire 


Ken and Judy of Cairns, Queensland, wanted to have an extended holiday in Australia. They wanted to visit places they hadn’t visited previously in their own country.


Ken recently wrote to us:


“Ian, we are so glad that we chose your company after deciding to caravan around Australia. After comparing with other caravan companies …. their prices, choice of caravan types, standard of vans, etc …. we chose your company, Gold Coast Tweed Camper and Caravan Hire, and one of your Jayco Destiny vans, for a number of reasons.


“Your Jayco Destiny was absolutely spotless and virtually new, and the service you provided was excellent, with add-ons that other van companies did not supply, or would charge for, if they had them. The Destiny also is a large twin-axle van with full island double bed.


“And bear in mind, I towed this van with only a 3 litre dual cab non-turbo diesel.


“Probably the main factor in deciding upon your Gold Coast Tweed Head Camper and Caravan Hire was the total price we were charged. We hired your caravan for seven weeks at an extremely competitive price.


“We chose your company for price, variety and good service and we haven’t had a moment’s regret.”


Judy from Cairns enjoying the tranquility of quite outback caravan park  


Judy from Cairns enjoying the tranquility of a quiet outback caravan park next to the Jayco 1755.5 Destiny Caravan her and husband Ken hired from Gold Coast Tweed Camper and Caravan Hire for a two-months holiday.